What kind of company is Axenic Prim Water?

Axenic prim Water is a start-up founded in 2021 as GmbH
Why did we develop this technology?

First, the fact that I worked abroad in regions, where Water is a very limited source, available in a quality by far worse compared to our standards.

Secondly, the fact that our Water resources in EU are diminishing and the number and volume of hazardous pollutants detected in Water are constantly growing.

Third and main reason was, that we believed – and meanwhile proofed – that we can provide a technology to improve the situation significantly.
How does this technology work?

We combine the knowledge about natural phenomena, natural disinfection processes and engineering know how.

Thus, we can generate a controlled and regulated cavitation process. We utilize the energy developed and set free through the implosion of the nano bubbles to benefit in three ways:

- The mechanical forces destroy cell membranes of bacteria and germs.

- The thermal energy is generating Hydroxyl radicals which are approx. 2.000 times stronger as chloride.

- The mechanical impulses destroy and release Biofilm – the natural hideaway and breeding zone of bacteria and germs.
What is cavitation?

Cavitation is a phenomenon in which the static pressure of a liquid reduces to below the liquid's vapour pressure, leading to the formation of small vapor-filled cavities in the liquid.

When subjected to higher pressure, these cavities, called "bubbles", collapse and can generate shock waves, temperatures up to 5.000 °C and pressure up to 1.000 bar within Nanometer distances.
Where can this technology be used?

Initially this technology was and is used to destroy legionella and other germs in the shower installations of public pools, sport stadiums, bigger housing complexes, hotels etc.

Meanwhile we can disinfect wastewater and eliminate hormones and pharmaceutical residuals, thus the wastewater could be used as field irrigation water with the effect to protect ground water resources. Even more important is avoiding the ongoing hazardous pollution of ground water and thus protect Humans and animals from consuming water loaded with those invisible and not with standard analytical measures detectable hazardous components.

This technology can be used as well to generate purified and disinfected drinking water from any kind of surface water, anywhere, anytime, independent from any other technical supply or installation.
What are the benefits of using it?

We can eliminate bacteria and germs in any water source, disinfect water and wastewater using only physical phenomena. We are not using any chemicals as disinfectant.

We protect and secure humans’ and animals’ health, protect ground water sources, reduce CO2 generation, enhance and provide stable oxygen levels – COD and BOD – in wastewater treatment processes, enhance and provide stable oxygen levels in fish farming plants, regenerate dead water zones.
What is our mission?

To bring a new, innovative, patented technology to market.
To enable humans worldwide to get access to purified, germ and bacteria, hormone and pharmaceutical residuals free water.

Utilizing a complete chemical free technology, based on pure physical processes to protect Humans and Animals from consuming polluted water and to protect the environment from further pollution.
What values characterize our way of doing business?

Convince customers by demonstrating the technology. Providing proof of the demanded effects, implement the technology, keep constant track and control of the processes, share the benefits.

Only satisfied customers will value our services and recommend us to potential new clients.
What are our ambitions for the future?

Providing our technology and services worldwide, establishing our technology and replace chemical disinfection processes.